Correct use of the fascia gun

The function of the fascia gun The fascia gun is to use the high-speed vibrating gun head to impact the tight body parts after the body exercise to help the muscles and soft tissues relax and recover, avoid fascia adhesion, and relieve muscle stiffness, stiffness and tightness. It can also promote blood circulation, dissipate creatine produced due to fatigue, and help relieve fatigue and soreness in the body. Using the fascia gun incorrectly will cause damage to the body, but using the fascia gun correctly will not cause harm to the body. For example, if the fascia gun is used in the joints, it is easy to cause joint damage; if it is used in the neck, chest and abdomen, armpits and other parts with thin, sensitive and concentrated internal organs, it is also easy to be injured; and the fascia gun is in It can be used for 5-10 minutes in the same position, but it will cause discomfort if used for a long time.

What are the main household medical devices?

Medical devices that can be used for “home use” must also have a medical device product registration certificate. There are:
Home therapeutic equipment Far-infrared therapeutic equipment, magnetic therapy equipment, physiotherapy equipment, intermediate frequency therapeutic equipment, etc.
Household testing equipment: blood pressure detector, blood sugar detector, electronic thermometer, stethoscope, etc.
Household medical rehabilitation equipment: household oxygen generator, cervical and lumbar tractor, anti-pressure ulcer mattress, orthosis, etc.